About Us


Feel Good TheraTees’ (FGT) mission is to empower individuals with expressive and inspiring apparel that celebrates positive messaging and sparks conversations.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I have observed the detrimental effects of negative narratives that contribute to maladaptive thinking and behaviors.  Feel-Good TheraTees brand focuses on changing negative thoughts through positive energy and words of healing and encouragement.  Creating a positive “MINDSET”.

Conscious positive messaging guides how we feel and think about ourselves, which helps to develop healthier thought patterns and overall healthier lifestyles.

Feel Good TheraTees original brand presents messaging and affirmations with words, phrases, and images. Through our thoughtfully designed t-shirts, we aim to ignite a sense of consciousness and positive change in the world.

 We are committed to creating high-quality, sustainable garments that reflect our passion for creativity, originality and consciousness. By wearing our brand, we want our customers to feel a deep connection to their values, spread a message of positivity and make a bold fashion statement that leaves a lasting impact. Together let’s redefine style and make a difference, one TheraTee at a time.

Its’ a “MINDSET”


Welcome to the FEEL GOOD TheraTee Lifestyle!